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We offer a full range of sedation and are committed to providing a relaxing, anxiety-reducing dental experience to our patients. Various types of sedation are available to offer patients who are nervous, difficult to freeze, or gag easily. Oral sedation, IV sedation and general anaesthesia are available for all procedures. We do dentistry asleep in patients as young as 2 years. Dentistry Asleep is safer and easier on your system than the general anaesthesia given in a hospital because of the type and amount of sedation you receive. Burloak Dental has been accredited by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario to be able to offer Dentistry Asleep. The service is provided in this office by a qualified independent Dental Anaesthesiologist who constantly monitors and adjusts the level of sedation from deeper to lighter as required for your comfort and protective reflexes. This allows you to be relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole procedure with Dr. Leuzzi.

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