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Cosmetic Services

We offer smile makeovers that can dramatically change your smile and make you look and feel better than you have in years. With cosmetic dentistry we can alter the appearance of the teeth (changing tooth colour and shape), enhance your smile, optimally improve dental health, aesthetics and function and improve your overall appearance and self-confidence.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers or laminates are custom-made porcelain wafers that are bonded to the fronts of the teeth to enhance their appearance and also to repair damage. They can whiten stained or discolored teeth, close gaps, "correct" a crooked smile, repair chips/cracks or imperfections, and create a more attractive and youthful looking smile. The procedure involves removing a thin amount of tooth structure, and taking impressions of the teeth. Temporary veneers are placed while the permanent veneers are being made. The procedure usually takes between one and a half and two hours depending on how many teeth are being prepared.

Teeth Whitening and Zoom Laser Whitening

Teeth whitening involves the use of peroxide-based materials. Most dentists use in-office and/or at-home whitening systems to achieve optimal results. In-office whitening is done at your dentist’s office and is the fastest way to brighten your smile. In-office systems use 35% hydrogen peroxide gels coupled with a high intensity light. Your dentist protects your gums, gels are placed on the teeth and a laser or plasma arc light source activates the peroxide to oxidize stains on the tooth surface. The teeth may lighten 6-8 shades. At-home systems most often use carbamine peroxide gels. Impressions of the mouth are taken and customized bleaching trays are made. A thin ribbon of the gel is placed into the tray and worn. Most whitening occurs in one to two weeks. In difficult cases, trays may need to be worn for up to six weeks. Bleaching is safe when being monitored by a dentist, and does not damage the tooth in any way. Before whitening, all cavities must be filled, and the gums must be healthy. Some patients may experience tooth sensitivity while whitening. The sensitivity is usually temporary and will lessen after treatment is over. Some people may have slight gum irritation from small amounts of the whitening gel coming in contact with tissue. Before whitening, all cavities must be filled, and the gums must be healthy.

Bonding (resin or tooth colored fillings)

Resin fillings, also referred to as composite, white fillings or bonding, can make a substantial improvement in the appearance of the teeth. Resin is what dentists use to repair small cavities or chips in front teeth, as well as fill cavities cosmetically in back teeth. Resin can do virtually the same thing as porcelain veneers with respect to improving the appearance of the teeth, however there are disadvantages with resin. They are not as strong as porcelain veneers, require repairs every few years, and discolor over time.

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